Video conference on „Visions for a Europe of the Future“ now online


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„Europe, a wish concert. Visions for a Europe of the Future“ was the title of first video conference the GSI has organized on Tuesday, March 12, to discuss the upcoming European elections. Ulrike Guérot, founder and director of the European Democracy Lab, Germany, Vincent Engel, Professor of Literature at the CU Louvain, Belgium, and Stamen Balchev, student of political sciences from Bulgaria, exchanged their views on the current situation in Europe and what to expect from the elections in May.

Moderated by Sabria David, Slow Media Institute, this was the kick-off for further video conferences that bring together experts from different countries to allow a transnational discourse on European topics. These video conferences are one column of the Colloquium „European Societies in the Digital Age“, which also comprises a yearly convention in Bonn and Expert Round Tables in EU member states.

You can watch the video from Tuesday, March 12, here.

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